• Testimonials

  • Ash has been working with our daughter for the last six months teaching her the piano. His passion, ability to interact with young children, patience and commitment to his trade are commendable as our daughter not only acquired the understanding and skill to play the piano, but also enjoys the sessions with Ash. It is a relief to see when the trainer is able to connect and pass on his skills in a comfortable and enjoyable environment. Thank you Singit Music School for all your work.

    Harley Lese

  • Ash has been able to help me reach higher notes/work on pitch and shown me how to control my voice. By doing so he has brought out potential in my voice that I knew was there but was unable to get to. His techniques and teachings are very effective, and if you're looking to get more out of your singing voice then by all means, I highly recommend him. From our lessons I now have the confidence to get out there and perform in front of crowds and recieve an overwhelming applause each time, it is the best feeling. I am grateful for my classes with Ash, and still see him reguarly.

    Ben Pottier

  • For those out there that are really interested in singing i recommend you all to see Ash. I have taken lessons for at least 2 years. and i have found the experience captivating. i have learnt so much and now know the correct techniques when singing. I had my first lesson, and went back again, guys instead of being that bedroom musician put yourself out there and take your first lesson. You will go back for more believe me.

    Anton Fernando

  • Ash is not only a great teacher but a smart one too, always find an easy technique for me if I can't hit the notes in standard techniques also works really hard to help what I want to achieve, fun and very productive, highly recommended.

    Daniel A