• Piano Lessons

  • We provide piano lessons for all skill levels. A fundamental theme you will find at Singit is that unlike most other singing schools in Melbourne we like to keep our lessons dynamic. In the sense we don't have a set syllabus that we teach, we have found that keeping the Piano lessons free flow allows the student to be impulsive and get creative. After all isn't that what music is all about right? Saying that, our Piano teacher will teach students the right technique and fundamentals required when playing Classical music or any genre of music for that matter. Piano theory is also taught rigorously at Singit, along with the practical aspect of Piano. We stand by our Piano teacher as being one of the best Piano teachers in the South East Suburbs and all of Melbourne for that matter.

    Classical, Pop, Jazz etc all need a strong foundation in order for the student to progress. A good foundation in technique and theory is required. If you're a beginner we can help you learn all the basics that will create a good foundation for you to build upon. 

    If you have prior experience playing Piano then we can help you take your playing to that next level. We can't wait to hear from you and explore your options at Singit Music School!