• What if I feel like I am tone deaf, is it worth me getting singing lessons?

      From past experience we have had many students come through our doors to learn singing who have no experience whatsoever, and more importantly had no concept of pitch. We are not going to lie, there can be a lot of hard work involved in training your ear to hear notes and as a result synchronize what you hear with what comes out of your mouth. With a bit of effort a once tone deaf student now understand pitch and can pitch notes perfectly, and therefore be able to sing. What we've actually found is that a student that works harder will actually progress further than a student with natural talent who doesn't put in the effort. As far as we're concerned at Singit, there is no such thing as tone dead

    • Is my child too young too learn?

      We have music lessons specifically designed for 3-5 year olds. Lessons are designed to be interactive and fun, to engage the child. At this tender age, the children are quick learners and pick things up at a rapid rate, whether it be singing, guitar, piano or drums. If your child is showing a keen interest in music then I would suggest that you nurture this from a young age. They will thank you later! :)

    • What if I can't travel to lessons?

      We have a few different options available for people who find it difficult to travel to lessons for whatever reasons. We offer lessons via Skype today, which means you can have a lessons from the comfort of your own home and at your convenience. We can also travel to your place of residence as well, given we have the capacity to do so and if you live in the zone in which we travel too. For further details regarding these options, please give us a call at Singit and we'd be more than happy to work something out, that will make life easier for you.

    • What if I want to learn more than one instrument

      At Singit we highly encourage our students to be multi-talented. As a musician it's good to focus your efforts on one sole instrument and master it, but at the same time it is highly beneficial for a singer to be able to play an accompanying instrument. If you want to learn 2 instruments we can split your lesson into 2, or you can learn each instrument on alternating weeks. There are a few options, and again we are pretty flexible and happy to work something out that suits you best.

    • What if I am unable to attend my lesson?

      At Singit we are extremely understanding and realize that life can create unforeseeable  circumstances, which means you may not be able to attend a lesson one week. As long as you provide us with 24 hours notice there will be no cancellation fee incurred, or if you have a legitimate reason for cancelling at the last minute.

    • How much do lessons cost?

      We have different options for students with different requirements. But below is a basic breakdown of our charges for all instruments:


      • Half and hour lesson is $35
      • 1 hour lesson is $70