• About Us

  • Singit Music School is currently based in Endeavour Hills, which is in the South East Suburbs. We have been providing singing and instrument lessons for over a decade now, with a wealth of experience in all facets of the music industry. We teach many different genres of music, including, jazz, pop, R&B, rock and the list goes on. 

    With regards to Vocal lessons, we base our teachings around a singing technique that has been adopted worldwide by pretty much anyone you hear on the radio and it has become an industry standard, and that technique is referred to as “Speech Level Singing” (SLS). 

    We started out as predominantly a singing school but the founder of the academy Ash G, is a strong believer that being a multi talented musician/artist is what will take our students to that next level. For example being a great singer but also knowing how to play guitar or piano will help a student be able to charter into the world of song writing! If the student should go down this path, Singit Music School will be able to provide the student with the right guidance and skills. We have our own recording facilities in our studio where the student can record their own song if they choose to go down that path. As you can see, at Singit Music School there are numerous opportunities for students to grow and become the artist they want to be.